New Music from Namebrand

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New Music from Namebrand

Be sure to request “Hello” on Power 106 FM and KIIS FM in Los angeles.


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Shout out to LMFAO for posting our remix on their Facebook page.

New Remixes dropping next week

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New Remixes dropping next week

Start of a Lifetime (PREVIEW)

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Lets freak out on Saturday night!

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We Party at Elmira

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We went to play a show at Elmira College in Upstate New York. Little did we know it would turn out to be the jam of the year. Some of the footage from the show is shaky, but it’ doesn’t really matter. You’ll get the vibe…we did a set of original songs and then a DJ set. The party poured onto the stage. Party

Dangerous Love (Preview)

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Dangerous Love (Preview)

Click the pic and check out the hot new track

We’re coming to Elmira College

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Tasty Beats with Virtuosyk

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Add us on Google+

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We are happy to announce that we are on Google+! Add us to your circles for exclusive content.

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